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Frame Dialog

Frame Dialog

Photos can be enhanced even more by adding a frame to your photo. These are different from masks in that they are wrapped around the photo, not just stretched and laid over the image.


Apply selected frame to selected photos.

2Frame Size

Frame Size
Because some frames are thicker than you might want we have added the ability to resize the frame by the selected percentage. This may however result in some pixilation around the transparent area of the frame images. While only really noticeable upon close examination in general it won't appear so awkward that it will distract from the resulting photo.


Clear any frame assigned to selected photos.

4Apply To All

Apply To All
Applies the selected frame to every photo in your collage.

5Custom view area

Custom view area
Thumbnails of available frames appear here. Single click on a frame to see it in the preview window. Double click on a frame to immediately apply it to all selected photos. You can single click on a frame and then click the Apply button to apply it as well.


Single click on a frame's thumbnail and you will see what it looks like in this Preview window.


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