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Caption Dialog

Caption Dialog

This dialog shows you what options are available for photo captions. Adjust them as necessary.

After you update the caption text you can press the F5 key or click on the refresh button just above the caption memo.

1Photo Caption

Photo Caption
Enter the caption you want to add to your photo here. Multi-line captions are supported.

2Font Size

Font Size
You can type in the font size of your caption here or use one of the default entries by selecting the dropdown box. Use Auto Size to have your caption best fit along the width of your photo.

3Font Name

Font Name
Select the font to use for your caption.

4Caption Justification

Caption Justification
Aligns your caption to the photo.

5Font color

Font color
Selects the font color for your caption.

6Vertical alignment

Vertical alignment
You can set your caption to appear at the top, bottom or center of your photo.


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