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Shadow Dialog

Shadow Dialog

These options allow you to set any shadow enhancements you want to apply.

1Shadow Driection

Shadow Driection
Click the button to remove the shadow or click the dropdown button to select the direction you want the shadow to appear in.

2Shadow depth

Shadow depth
How far off of the poster do you want your photo to appear. If you want it to look like it is just above the poster click the first button and you will get a slight shadow all around the picture. The other options allow you to specify varying degrees of depth.

3Shadow Color

Shadow Color
Select the color you want the shadow to be. See the shadow tips for information on color selection.

4Apply to All

Apply to All
This option applies these shadow settings to all the cells in the poster.

5Shadow Intensity

Shadow Intensity
The shadow of this cell is transparent and you can adjust how intense the shadow is by adjusting this value. The higher the value the less transparent it will appear.


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