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New Poster Wizard - Custom

New Poster Wizard - Custom

Customize your poster layout using this dialog. When setting the columns and rows to zero you will create a free form collage.


Defines how to orient your poster. This is how the printer will initialize the layout when sent to the printer.

2Cell layouts

Cell layouts
Select how many columns and rows you want in your poster. You don't have to use all of them and make sure that you have enough so that if you want to expand cells that you have enough for all your photos.

Setting either value to zero will create a free form collage. When you close this dialog you will be able to add all the cells you want using the Insert New Cell dialog from the menu.

3Poster size

Poster size
Sets the size of your poster. You can specify the height and width using these spinners.

4Preview layout

Preview layout
This area shows you what your basic layout will look like.

5Outer Margin

Outer Margin
This is the margin that you want to have around each photo. Set it to 0 if you want the pictures to sit right next to each other. When you add enhancements such shape and border properties there will be a slight margin between these photos automatically.

6Printer margin

Printer margin
This specifies the outside margin around the outside of the poster itself.


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