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Order Poster - Step 3

Order Poster - Step 3

In the final step you will have to transmit your poster from your machine to the life poster server. To do that you have 3 options. You can FTP it up to the server, Email it to our poster account or burn it to a CD and send it via postal mail.

The email option hooks into your MAPI email client if one is installed. If not then this option will be disabled. Outlook and Outlook Express would be viable options for this.

If you have a dialup connection or are having problems uploading a poster you can click the Burn button, if enabled, and you can copy the poster to a CD and mail it to the print service.

Poster files can be quite large, generally about 8-15MB in size. These can take a while to upload so be patient as they progress.

1Burn to CD

Burn to CD
If your computer has a CD burner this button will be enabled and you can burn the poster to a CD and mail it to the printer.

The address for this service will appear in the program after the CD has been prepared.

2Upload Using FTP Server

Upload Using FTP Server
<TODO>: Insert the description text here ...

3Help button

Help button
Opens up this help window.

4Order Name

Order Name
The name of the person that ordered the poster should be entered here. That way the poster can be associated with the correct order.

5Save to email

Save to email
Your poster can be emailed using a MAPI email client such as Outlook/Outlook Express.


Closes this dialog.


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