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Adding a New Cell

Adding a New Cell

When your poster is not bound your cell sizes can be set to specific sizes. When you want to add a cell click File|New Cell from the menu. You will then see the above dialog. The options allow for you to create a cell as well as taking into consideration the fact that this photo may be appearing behind a photo mat. In the example above we are creating a 3"x4" photo based on the opening in a mat. In the overlap field we add 1/8" overlap setting to compensate for any slipping from the photo being under the mat so you don't see any blank paper behind at the edges of the mat opening.

If you weren't going to put this photo in a mat and you wanted an exact 3x4 photo you would set the overlay setting to 0.00" so it does not increase the size of the cell.

1Cell Width

Cell Width
Sets the width of the cell opening.

2Left Offset

Left Offset
Specifies how from from the left the cell will appear from the left edge of the canvas.

3Overlap Measurement

Overlap Measurement
Specifies how much of an overlap you want this cell to have. This size is automatically added to the cell dimensions specified above when creating the cell. If no mat is being used you may wish to set this to 0.00" so your new cell will not be incremented.

4Help button

Help button
Brings you to this dialog.

5Cell Height

Cell Height
Sets the height of the cell opening.

6Top Offset

Top Offset
Specifies how from from the top the cell will appear from the top edge of the canvas.

7Add button

Add button
Adds a cell to the canvas while keeping this dialog open.

8Close button

Close button
Closes this dialog. No cell is added when closing the dialog, you must click the Add button to add a cell.


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