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Custom Options

To create a poster from scratch you first need to decide what size poster you want to create. Using the dialog above you can select from the default options to get started. You can customize this later using the Edit feature.

Once you select the size you will need to select the layout and the orientation in which you want your poster displayed.

Outer Margin: The outer margin is the distance you want the outer images to appear from the actual printed poster edge. If you want the photos to appear an inch from the edge you would specify 1.00, a quarter inch would be 0.25.

Printer Margin: This is different than the outer margin in that this is the distance that the actual printed image will appear on the paper. Most printers have unprintable edges so you will need to check with your printer to find out what those are. The poster printer that we use when processing your poster through our service requires a .34 margin on all sides so that is the default that we have set in the program. Setting this defines the actual height and width of the editable poster region. You might specify a 24"x36" poster but with a .34" margin on all side your work area will actually be 23.32" x 35.32".

Click the OK button and you will be returned to the main program window. The first cell should be selected. Initial posters are set up so that there is no space between the photos. By adding shadows, tilting or frames it will add "white space" between the photos automatically. If you want additional space between your photos you can do so using the edit feature and adjust the Border property.

The next step will be to add photos to your poster!


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