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Calendar Background

Calendar Background

If you are not displaying a calendar over a picture you can modify the background to be
different than that of the poster. Check the Background box and select the color you want
to use.

If you want to "fade" the picture so the calendar is more prevalent you can use a transparent
effect. Select the color you want to use and then adjust the transparency bar. The further the
slider is moved to the right the lighter the photo appears.

1Check to Draw on photo.

Check to Draw on photo.
Checking this box will draw a calendar over your photo or in a blank cell. Any item that is clicked on in the calendar option area will automatically enable this box.


Check the box and select the color you want to appear behind your calendar.

3Level of Transparency

Level of Transparency
Adjusts the level of transparency to use with the color selected.

4Transparency Color

Transparency Color
The color that will appear over the picture when transparency levels are raised.


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