Makes the perfect gift. Life Poster Maker
See the "big picture"!

Life Poster Maker

Life Poster Maker allows you to take those digital images that you have stuffed away on your computer and put them on display for your friends and family to enjoy. Create posters of any size, for any event: anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, vacations. Anything goes!

To get started you need to create a collage!

Features you can use to enhance your poster:

o Enhance your photos with shapes, masks, borders, shadows and tilting.
o Add captions to your photos.
o Add a calendar to any photo.

After you create your poster you will want to order a print. Read up on how to do that order posters here.

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EVALUATION COPY USERS: The evaluation copy is fully functional, it does however watermark any output with an unregistered text note. This is not done with the full version. To order online go here.


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